Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why this website?

We love local original music and the songwriters who power it. This site is a place for Huntsville area musicians to show off their original tunes. Also, we want to make it easy to find an open mic. Contact us.

2. Any costs?


3. Must songs be originals?


4. Pros or amateurs?


5. Any songs not allowed?

Stay away from hate and bigotry. Or songs you would not play to grandma. HuntsvilleOriginalMusic has final say.

6. How many songs

As there are stars in the sky. But HOM has final say.

7. What format must songs be?

Any that can be embedded in our site. For example, mp3's, YouTube videos or online platforms like Soundcloud. Got one you use not on the list? We'll try to use it. Contact us! The only thing we won't do is link to an external site for the purpose of playing the music. (We want the best user experience for listeners). We will include links if desired to an external site(s) for more information about the musician. NOTE: Use of a Facebook video is possible but not desirable because not everyone is on Facebook.

8. What's your relationship with

None except a common goal of promoting musicians and musical enjoyment in Huntsville. Oh, by the way, we conceived, built and ran the original site for almost 4 years starting 2016. We also ran several online shows featuring area original music performers during the great lockdown of 2020.

9. Who is "We"? Are they part of the Cabal?

Carl Thomas is an area musician and real estate agent extraordinaire. Rick "Parker" Dieffenbach appreciates the music scene here. Carl can be seen at open mics and gigs. Rick at open mics and with his two doggies. Both Carl and Rick are not part of the Cabal.


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