Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can be in the show?

You must be a Huntsville area or nearby musician or poet - all levels and skills are invited. Adult and youth (with parental permission). Unsure? Contact us.

2. Must songs / poems be originals?

Yes. And if you are a 'co-writer' you MUST have permission of all other writers of the tune / poem to use it in the show.

3. Must songs / poems be recently written? Recently recorded?

There are no time constraints on when the song/powm was written. Wrote your tune/poem when you were 16 but now you're retired? No problem!  However, we want a more recent recording. And while professional studio recordings will sound great, the honesty and intimacy of a song/poem recorded in your living room can be even more powerful. We would prefer less sophisticated recordings, but feel free to submit whatever you wish.

4. Can bands perform?

Yes, as long at the songwriter is one of the performers in the band.

5. How many songs/poems can you submit? Due date?

Only one song per performer will be in the show, however we love choice, and if you have more than one you'd like to submit, please do! As for due date, we are asking for 17 Nov 2020.

6. When and how will the show be aired?

The show will be up to 2 hours long and will begin on December 1, 2020 at 6:30pm. We are using Facebook Live streaming. However we are also investigating simultaneous live streaming on YouTube.   We're working out the details on this. Because we are streaming live, it will be an event which allows audience participation.

7. How will performers be selected?

Generally (there can be exceptions) first come, first serve. We are aiming for 12-15 performers. We reserve the right to reject any song or poem for any reason or to select a song/poem from later entries.

8. What kind of songs/poems are you looking for?

As a general description, 'positive'. Since this is a Christmas/Holiday season show, songs/poems that touch on things like Joy * Love * Hope * Kindness * Santa * Faith * Wintertime * Family and Friends would be appropriate, but we are not limiting them to these adjectives.  NOTES:

  • It doesn't have to be a 'happy' song/poem per se. A song like 'White Christmas' is positive yet isn't very happy when you consider the the sadness expressed in the lyrics ('if only in my dreams...').
  • It doesn't have to be a "Christmas Song" per se either. It can be just about any song that fits with this time of year. Have a song about ice skating? Or two old friends? Remembering someone special in your life? Yeah!

9. How about faith based songs/poems?

Absolutely! We welcome all loving faiths.

10. Is this a "Family Show"

Yep. Please send a song/poem that would be acceptable for kids and adults of all ages.

11. What do I need to submit?

A video of you performing your song or poem. (Just a link is fine, for example, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). See 'Submitting Your Original Song/poem'. Also, we'd like to display your song/poem's lyrics as you play - so please provide a copy.

12. Can I solicit tips during my performance?

Yes, that is fine. We ask if you do, please also mention Amelia's Closet.

13. I understand the show will be supporting the charity "Amelia's Closet". Tell me more.

Amelia's Closet is a Tennessee Valley area non-profit (501(c)3) that "seeks to meet a very personal and physical need of diapers." You can read about them on their website.  All donations go straight to Amelia's Closet and do not pass through Rick "Parker" and Carl. As diapers are very expensive, we choose Amelia's because of the financial struggle that many people are going through now. Full disclosure: Carl is married to the CEO of Amelia's Closet.

14. How much will I be paid to perform in the show?

As this show is for both fun and charity, there will be no financial renumeration. There will be our unlimited appreciation and the joy that comes with sharing your music to a supportive, local audience.

15.  Who will be the MC of the show?

We have the dynamic duo of Carl Thomas and DrayThaDrummer who are the hosts! A splended time will be had by all!


16.  You keep saying "We". Who is "We"?

We are Carl Thomas and Rick "Parker" Dieffenbach. We built and operated the website from 2016 to mid 2020 to "Help Music Lovers Find Music They Love".  During the great lockdown of 2020, we shepherded 4 online open mic shows, inviting area musicians to perform.  About 40 performers shared their songs in these four shows.


Shortly after, going with the old adage "If you love something, let it go", we transferred ownership of the domain to 'Know Huntsville'. They continue to help music lovers find music they love in the Huntsville area.


Carl is an area musician and real estate agent extraordinaire. Rick "Parker" appreciates the music scene here. He also knows a few chords on guitar.


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